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Most Valuable Pet: Bissell Picks a Winner!

Posted: 22 May 2010 09:11 AM PDT

I-better-check-this-blog-post Wow - great breaking mews!!! Bissell has announced the winner of its Most Valuable Pet Contest and she's a beautiful kitty named Gracey. Interestingly, our contact at Bissell, Beth, met Gracey's Mom at BlogPaws East! Small world, huh?

Gracey is featured in a fun video on YouTube (showing a photo shoot and how cats aren't always interested in being photographed!) in prep for being on featured on the Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum. Also, as the top winner, Bissell will be giving Gracey's favorite charity, PurrEver Ranch, a $10,000 grand prize donation!

In the third annual contest, the adorable Gracey won out over nearly 50,000 entrants to claim her title ofGracey-MVP-Bissell MVP Grand Prize Winner. Other winners, and runners-up, are showcased on the Bissell MVP Page. I was so taken with Jaime, a Basset Hound who looks so cuddly you just want to shower her with kisses!

You may already know Gracey, the grand prize winner, as the inspiration behind the book, The Tiniest Tiger, and part of the Conservation Cub Club, a feline education and support community.

Gracey was abandoned as a kitty at a local dog pound. She suffers from allergies and digestive issues that require special food, but with the love and care of her proud pet parents, Joanne McGonagle and Paul Dusenberry, Gracey has become a wonderful, playful companion - who enjoys throwing dirt out of a fig tree planter in her home. (in between the tears of realizing what Gracey went through comes laughter and happiness - a true Be the Change for Pets Moment, don't you think?)

The PurrEver Ranch Santuary is a non-profit hospice for senior and special needs cats living with disease or behavior issues. It is one of a very few feline-specific hospices. Read more about it at their site, PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary. (please, please visit the PurrEver Ranch page and help them ... they need to move to a new location!!!)

Jaime, the Basset Hound who won honorable mention has a sweet disposition and loves to eat homemade biscuits. She lost her sight to glaucoma. Jaime lives with her Basset sibling, a Golden Retriever and with her pet parents, Mary Calabray and Wayne Roewer. Her $1000 prize will be donated to Las Vegas Basset Rescue, the org she was adopted from.Jamie-MVP-Bissell-honorable-mention

And so...Bissell, like many brands that you might not think of when you think "pets," shows their commitment to us, pet parents, and to the passionate organizations we support.

Up with Bissell! I'm so glad to be a part of the Bissell Pack of Pet Lovers.


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