Wholesaller of Rooftop Solar Syatem, Inverters, batteries & Online UPS

Monday, March 14, 2016
Complete Solar Power Solutions
438, Sector 4, GURGAON
Mobile No. 9810166555

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as  Whollesaler of Rooftop Solar System, Inverter, Online UPS & Batteries

Best solar power solutions for home,  industries, offices, schools, hospitals etc.


1.  Convert your single battery inverter into solar inverter (2 solar panels, automatic charger controller, stand, cable )19900/-

2.  Convert your double battery inverter into solar inverter (2 solar panels(250w), automatic charger controller, stand, cable )35000/-

3.  New solar system 1 KVA (1000 VA) with 4 panels(250 w), inverter, 2 batteries, trolly, structure with installation & warranty-70000/-

6.  New solar system 1.66 KVA (1660 VA) with 2 panels(250w), inverter, 2 batteries trolly, structure with installation & warranty-60000/-

7.  New Solar Power system 10KW  with panels, inverter, 15 batteries, structure with installation & warranty-650000/-


Zero electricity bill for next 25 years get smart "SWITCH TO SOLAR"

Install Solar Panels now generate your own power 

Full warranty & after care

  • Grid Connected Solar Power Plant Upto MEGA WATTS
  • Rooftop OFF GRID / Ongrid Solar Inverter
  • Inverter (Sukam, Luminous, Microtek)
  • Battery (Sukam, Luminous, Microtek, Exide)
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Complete Computer hardware, data recovery& networking solations
  • Laptop & Desktops
  • We offer repair & maintenance AMC for existing Solar installations
Maintenance Free
Free Electricity for 35+ years
we deal in Solar Power Plants, Solar Parkings, Rooftop Solar Inverter & other Solar Power Solution upto 5 MEGA WATT
Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

March 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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