Friday, July 31, 2009


Dog Reunited with family after car crash

Posted: 31 Jul 2009 10:18 AM PDT

CarmiePortraitSmall This story on CBS out of Nashville, really got the tears rolling the other day. I've been dying to write about it but life gets in the way (you know what I mean - all the 'other' things we have to do, instead of writing in our blogs!)

Anyway, it seems this family - Mom, Dad, at least 3 kids - memory is a bit fuzzy, but one was an adorable baby - was in a car crash and the emergency folks arrived on the scene and got the humans to the hospital very fast. But, no one thought about the dog! I'm sure the family thought about the dog, but they were likely in shock and worried about the kids. And, I'm not sure, but it's likely the dog was so scared, he ran off into the trees.

Well, the family realized the dog, Ella, was missing and really wanted her back. But, they were not in any shape to go find her. Meanwhile, Ella stayed at the crash scene...and gathered up objects that were from the crash, like a toothpaste tube, and a comb, and other items from the family. And, she brought them into the woods, by a tree...and she stayed there. She waited, and she waited, and she kept those little items of her family nearby and she ... waited.

One day a woman that fosters dogs was driving by the area, and she saw Ella drinking from a ditch. She stopped, made friends with her, saw her "stash" and brought her home with her. She was friendly and approachable, and, no doubt, lonely. Two weeks had gone by. I bet she was hungry, too!Dog-reunited-with-family

The story has a wonderful happy ending, which was caught on camera. The foster dog lady called the insurance company (a notepad with the insurance company name on it was one of the things Ella brought back to her tree) and the insurance company put her in touch with the family, which was home, by now.

The reunion was precious. This dog was so happy to see her family again, and vice-versa, she went from one person to the other licking their faces as if they were ice cream cones! Especially the baby. I cannot tell you how uplifting this wonderful story was, and is.

You can see more about it on this video, over at this site. Or, by clicking on the image. Enjoy.


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Scratchings & Sniffings Out Loud with Dr. Grace: The Myth of Grocery Store Pet Food

Posted: 29 Jul 2009 04:54 PM PDT

Part 2 of our myths series. You can listen to Part 1 here.

In this session, we talk about pet food sold in grocery stores, and how pet food companies, like Purina, put a lot of research, care, and study into creating food that's healthy and tasty - for dogs and cats. 

Now, I have no problem with home-made dog and cat food, if you've done your homework and you know the nutritional needs of your pet. But, I do have a problem with pet parents who think I love my pet less because I purchase my pet food in the grocery store.

Dr. Grace and Dr. Larry also touch upon the myth that vet's get "paid" to offer special diets. Vets offer special diets when they are necessary, and for no other reason. (I can attest to this, having been a vet tech in years past...our vets wanted our pets to be healthy and sometimes that required a special diet, which one or another pet food company offered - and the vet recommended)

Listen to our discussion...and leave us a comment on what you think of this issue:

All the Creatures

All the Creatures

Wanted good stories about adopted dogs

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 10:16 AM PDT

I just got an email from Kyla Duffy, the editor of the books “Lost Souls”. The books are about dog adoption stories. Each book is breed specific. The publisher, Happy Tails books already has 2 books released. One on Boston Terriers and the other about Golden Retrievers. Kyla now has a few more books in the [...]

Overweight pets

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 09:37 AM PDT

The human population of the USA has seen a drastic increase in obesity in humans. Is the pet population far behind on that trend? Strangely enough most pet owners that have overweight pets are not overweight themselves. Also almost every case that I have seen on TV lately about starving animals included several obese owners. [...]

The Days of Johann - an agility dog!

The Days of Johann - an agility dog!

The hawk is back and he's feeding in my yard!

Posted: 29 Jul 2009 08:57 AM PDT

That darn hawk that hangs around our house, got super bold this morning! He found some mice and started feeding in my yard! Can you believe that little bugger?

Here he is in the corner of my yard near the fence, checking out Mum with the camera. (And yes, Mum put a temporary board there to keep Gracie from escaping until she can fix the fence.)

He got a little spooked when he came close and tried to take his prey up to one of my fence posts.

He dropped the little mouse and had to try again to get his prey to safety. He made it the second time.

Here you can see his breakfast dangling from his talons! (It's kinda hard to see, but it's right in the middle of the top of the fence post.) Hey, that's my mouse!

Mum finally scared him off and he took his prey to the backside of our hill to feast. Then Mum went out about an hour later (she wouldn't let me go out, just in case) and he was back for seconds, OMD! What a glutton!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Return to Black Creek

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 10:25 AM PDT

Dr.-Larry-with-Miles Some of you may recall a post I did last fall about a backpacking trip my wife and I took to check out the progress of the Gila Trout restoration effort here in Southwest NM. That trip was fantastic. The scenery in this area of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness is most excellent. And the fishing was really good.

This year we've had a strange summer, so far. Coupled with lower than normal snowfall in the mountains last winter we've had an erratic summer monsoon. We had a week of good rains in late June followed by less than normal precipitation. Typically this time of year you can count on an afternoon rain but that has not been the case this year. We've had darn little rain so far and it's starting to show.
You can really tell the difference on Black Canyon Creek. There is about half the amount of water in the creek this summer that we had last fall. We even encountered sections of the creek that were bone dry. As you can imagine this can be hard on Gila Trout.
Our New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has been working on restoring the Gila Trout for many years now. This is our native species and for a variety of reasons it was placed on the endangeredDr-Larry-fishing-Black-Canyon-Creek species list in 1973. In 2006 the Gila Trout was down listed to a threatened species and certain streams are now open to limited fishing for the first time in many, many years.
The rationale for native species restoration projects is that these species have evolved over time in specific locations and adapted to the conditions present in those locations. As you can imagine, the mountains of Southwest New Mexico can present some pretty unique conditions. 
The Gila river is the last free flowing river in New Mexico and the river is what makes our part of the country so unique. Perennial water is scarce in these parts. Our riparian areas are true jewels of biodiversity. We saw Elk, Mule Deer, Javelinas and a beautiful cinnamon colored Black Bear this trip. Black Canyon Creek is a relatively lush environment with Cottonwood, Willows,Mixed Conifers, Oak and Box Elder.
You would think you were in Montana looking at the north facing slopes coming out of Black Canyon. On the south facing slopes you'll see Juniper, Pinon, Prickly Pear and Agave. Looking at these slopes you'd think you were in Old Mexico.
The winter snow pack in the high mountains and the summer monsoon give us about 90% of our annual moisture and when that is in short order everything suffers. Our critters are adapted to the vagaries of flood and drought at least in the short term. The Gila Trout can survive much higher temperatures than other species of trout. West Slope Cutthroat and non native Rainbow trout start to die when water temperatures reach the mid sixties. Non native Brown trout can survive in temperatures slightly higher than that, but the Gila Trout is the real survivor. They can tolerate water temperatures as high as 80 degrees F for short periods.
Hiking-black-canyon-creek I fear we are in one of those periods now. I fished briefly and caught a few small trout. I quit fishing because I could tell I was only adding to their stress.
My wife and I took a couple of creek baths over the weekend. Mid sixties water is pretty darn cold and my guess is that the water temperatures in some parts of Black Canyon Creek are heading towards the mid seventies. Refreshingly cool for us but toasty for a trout, even a Gila Trout. The deeper, shaded holes are cooler and that is where the fish are clustered - hanging on and holding out for a return to normal monsoon flows.
I borrowed a page from the ancestral Mimbreno and Warm Springs Apache cultures that lived in these areas for centuries before we came and bowed in the four directions praying for rain in Black Canyon Creek.
If you have some spare time in the next few weeks maybe you could do a little rain dance for us. The Gila Trout will thank you for it.

The Days of Johann - an agility dog!

The Days of Johann - an agility dog!

A few videos from the European Open 09!

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 05:12 AM PDT

We've found a few videos from the European Open this past weekend.

Here's a montage of the French teams:

Silas Boogk and Back:

We believe this is Roger van de Laarschot & Troy (sheltie) from The Netherands:

And we believe this is Stephanie Tiemann & Chilly and Thorsten Tiemann & Pepper (both Manchester Terriers)

See more here and here! And check back, we may find more.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Interview with Paul Mann of Fetch! Pet Care

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 09:21 AM PDT

Logo-Fetch-pet-care We have an exciting podcast for today's Scratchings & Sniffings Out Loud.

Have you ever wished there were more options for taking care of your pet when you're away? How about...having someone check on a sick pet that's at home, but you have to be at work? How about taking your pet with you on vacation, but not wanting to leave him or her alone while you go off playing at the amusement park all day?

There is an answer to those questions and more. This is Part One of a two-part series with Paul Mann of Fetch!™ Pet Care. I'm excited about his franchise opportunities, and about the seriousness of his approach. He isn't in this for the money...he's in it because he knows we want the best care for our pets, when we're not around. I am very impressed by his franchise opportunities, and his approach to pet care - AND his guarantee. Listen up to this first half of my talk with Paul...and stay tuned for Part Two next week.

All the Creatures

All the Creatures

Purchasing pet supplies online

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 09:22 AM PDT

Until only recently there was no pet store within 40 miles of where I live. Sure we have a super Walmart and several feed stores but they were all sadly lacking in what I might need in the way of supplies for my pets. The local feed store was great on livestock items and feeds [...]

Lots About Dogs

Lots About Dogs

Why Do Dogs Eat Dog Poop?

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 06:00 AM PDT

For reasons that are still fairly unknown to veterinarians and scientists, some dogs seem unable to resist the tasty treat of their own or another animal's feces.  Amongst a group of dogs a decent sized lump of excrement is less safe than an errant Twinkie at an Overeater's Anonymous meeting.  If dogs ran the world [...]