Friday, July 31, 2009


Dog Reunited with family after car crash

Posted: 31 Jul 2009 10:18 AM PDT

CarmiePortraitSmall This story on CBS out of Nashville, really got the tears rolling the other day. I've been dying to write about it but life gets in the way (you know what I mean - all the 'other' things we have to do, instead of writing in our blogs!)

Anyway, it seems this family - Mom, Dad, at least 3 kids - memory is a bit fuzzy, but one was an adorable baby - was in a car crash and the emergency folks arrived on the scene and got the humans to the hospital very fast. But, no one thought about the dog! I'm sure the family thought about the dog, but they were likely in shock and worried about the kids. And, I'm not sure, but it's likely the dog was so scared, he ran off into the trees.

Well, the family realized the dog, Ella, was missing and really wanted her back. But, they were not in any shape to go find her. Meanwhile, Ella stayed at the crash scene...and gathered up objects that were from the crash, like a toothpaste tube, and a comb, and other items from the family. And, she brought them into the woods, by a tree...and she stayed there. She waited, and she waited, and she kept those little items of her family nearby and she ... waited.

One day a woman that fosters dogs was driving by the area, and she saw Ella drinking from a ditch. She stopped, made friends with her, saw her "stash" and brought her home with her. She was friendly and approachable, and, no doubt, lonely. Two weeks had gone by. I bet she was hungry, too!Dog-reunited-with-family

The story has a wonderful happy ending, which was caught on camera. The foster dog lady called the insurance company (a notepad with the insurance company name on it was one of the things Ella brought back to her tree) and the insurance company put her in touch with the family, which was home, by now.

The reunion was precious. This dog was so happy to see her family again, and vice-versa, she went from one person to the other licking their faces as if they were ice cream cones! Especially the baby. I cannot tell you how uplifting this wonderful story was, and is.

You can see more about it on this video, over at this site. Or, by clicking on the image. Enjoy.


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