RMJfA- Next week: Peaceful Fur Education OutReach

Saturday, July 30, 2011
Peaceful Fur Education OutReach will happen on Saturday, August 6, 2011
Saturday 6 August 2011
11:30 AM

Looking for a few good humans who feel in their hearts that it's important to educate the public about the evils of the fur industry.  You don't have to be a member of this MeetUp group, personally leather free in your own closet or knowledgeable on fur issues, in order to participate in our events.  All you have to do is care and want to do something for the animals.  Just keep an eye on the calendar. 

If you are thinking "They don't need ME! They have PLENTY of people out there!"  Think again!!  We need every hand we can get to hold a sign and stand up for the animals.  It's organized and everything is provided.  All you have to do is show up, bring your coffee, wear a smile, chat about current events with your fellow activists, and hold a sign for the animals who have NO choice of where or how to spend their days. 

Join us to speak up for the innocent animals who are trapped by greed and skinned for vanity! 

WHY???? "Fur" Animals get NO relief from freezing cold or searing heat or agonizing traps or terrifying death. We have a choice, but they do not. 

The Price the Animals Pay 

The REAL price of fur must be measured in deaths--not dollars. 

To make one (1) fur coat you must kill at least fifty-five (55) wild mink, thirty-five (35) ranched mink, forty (40) sables, eleven (11) lynx, eighteen (18) red foxes, eleven (11) silver foxes, one hundred (100) chinchillas, thirty (30) rex rabbits, nine (9) beavers, thirty (30) muskrats, fifteen (15) bobcats, twenty-five (25) skunks, fourteen (14) otters, one hundred twenty-five (125) ermines, thirty (30) possums, one hundred (100) squirrels, OR twenty-seven (27) raccoons. 

Many of these animals are skinned alive! 

Found at - http://idausa.org/facts/furfacts.html 

Help Lower the Cost for the Animals! 


Get involved! The World is run by people who show up. ~Unknown

Need more reasons why we must work to educate the public about the fur industry? Most people don't know that about 40 million wild animals are killed in the United States each year either on fur farms or by 160,000 part-time trappers who supply pelts to the fashion industry. This number does not include nontarget animals, or "Trash Kill" (a term for unmarketable animals, such as domestic dogs and cats, deer, birds, rabbits, raptors, etc). In one study an average of 10.8 nontarget animals are trapped for each trapped target animal. Please help us put a stop to this! 

The innocent animals suffer in silence and desperately need our voices? 

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Fur OutReach Details: 

Please join us to speak up for the innocent animals murdered for vanity. Come when you can and stay as long as you can. All leaflets and posters are provided, but feel free to make your own "kid friendly", easy to read poster, if you like. Bring your own water, sunscreen, and an umbrella, just in case! Dress in layers, because a cold morning might end up being a warm afternoon, and vice versa. We're out there rain, snow or shine! Umbrellas are great for personal shade, too. It's all set, so just show up. Everyone is welcome! 

WHERE Details: (Please read carefully for complete schedule). 

We will start at 11:30 at Mark Lloyd's Furs, 263 Josephine, between 2nd and 3rd in Cherry Creek.  At about 1 PM we will head 1 block East to 3rd and Columbine to Hamilton's Furs for about an hour (if they are open, if not we'll stay at Marks Lloyds).

FYI - Tsagas Furs, formerly located at 211 Detroit, IS NOW CLOSED!!  

NOTE:  We will go from one demo to the next in the order listed, times depending on what is happening at each location, with the greatest portion of time usually at Marks Lloyds, where we usually stay until about 1 PM.  If you come later than noon you will want to start looking for us at Marks Lloyds and if we aren't there, continue to Hamilton's to you catch up with us.  Our demos will end at about 2 PM (again depending on what's happening).  I suggest you arrive no later than 1:30 PM, so you won't miss us and waste a trip.

I hope you will join us soon. The animals need all of our voices. 

Like fur? Grow your own!

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