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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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From: Dena Culver <DCulver@douglas.co.us>
Date: June 29, 2011 4:09:47 PM MDT
To: erica rambus <ericarambus@gmail.com>
Subject: FW: Male Cat

Erica, could you pass along again?  I am in need of placing this boy.  Foster is getting uptight and I can't take him.
Any suggestions?  Would Donna Marino be able to help with him? He is very lonesome and wants company, she has animals.  He is a real lover boy.  I guess I am getting desperate.  He shows no signs of being sick and he is young and likes playing with his toys.  I hate to euthanize him.  I guess I am at my last cry for help on this one.  thanks Dena
I have a cat that showed up in my yard among my other ferals.  I thought he was feral.  He was not.  I neutered him and gave him shots and found him a home.  The home we found him turned out to be not up to our expectations and he gave the cat back about a month ago.  We found someone to foster him, however, he was using the box frequently and she felt he should go get checked out.  He did test positive for the start of kidney disease.  I was wondering if anyone out there could take him or know of someone else that may want to adopt him.  He is on prescription food only, no other treatment is necessary right now.  I am at a loss as to where I can go with him.  He is in need of love and attention, and maybe someone who has other pets or kids he may be happiest with.  He could live 6 mos or live to be 15 years old.  The vet said she thought he was about six.  So he is young and strong.  Requires a clean box.  He is very lovey and just wants someone to pay attention to him.
If you know of anyone or if you can take him in, could you let me know please?  He is a good boy and behaves.  Doesn't scratch (except his scratch pad) and doesn't jump up on things.  Thanks Dena
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