Ampoule led

Saturday, March 26, 2011
The lamps are a thing of the needs of each family. The bulbs are used in residences as well as car headlights and flashlights to give you comfort. Purchase a light bulb may sound simple, but it is not. They come in different shapes and have different features and capabilities to save energy. A lamp can reduce or increase their monthly electricity bill in large part. It is important to buy the right one for your home, so if you want to have ampoule led your to come right now.

You will notice that one LED bulb emits a bright light, but not necessarily related to light intensity. That's why he should not be confused with the light emission intensity. light intensity is a measure of radiation as perceived by the human eye from a light source, such then you come to / and make your choice of tube fluorescent led .

They are said to ecological since the last 6-8 times longer and consume on average five times less energy. Naturally, we immediately realize that the end of life, these lamps are the wastes that required a special collection because of internal gases, such as mercury, which are highly polluting, then the best solution for any environment are the ampoule basse consommation that you found in


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