Thursday, January 28, 2010


Twiggy and the Q

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 10:04 AM PST

Yvonne Can't resist writing about Twiggy, the 'other' granddaughter (beautiful Greyhound), and her new friend, Q, the ... shall we say, enthusiatically loud?, Chihuahua that has come to stay for awhile.

As regular readers will know, the Twiggy is a sweetheart. She has her little problems (copraphagia is one...but we think she's over that), and separation anxiety is another, but for the most part, Twiggy is soft, delightful, friendly, and melts your heart with those big brown eyes.

Twiggy-too-big Recently, a friend of my daughter's came to stay and brought Q, her Chihuahua, with her. I remember when she got Q - just about the same time we started this blog. Well, Q is typical for his breed - he's loud, he's skittish, he's very Q the Chihuahuaprotective, and did I say he's loud? Yet, he's still adorable!

As time goes on, Twiggy and Q are making friends and learning to get along. Q is very attached to Stacia, his 'Mom' but Stacia also has a toddler to care for so...Q might be overly protective of both of them just because he can be. Watching the two dogs, when we're over to Chloe's house, is interesting, and amusing.

Somehow, I think Twiggy would have loved the gorgeous Greyhound Tom and I saw and wanted to keep while we were at the NAVC, last week. But, getting her from FL to CO wasn't in the picture.

For now, Twiggy will have to have Q. They are the dog version of Mutt and Jeff. If you can remember those comic book characters...


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