Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Grumpy Old Lady: Wabby Speaks Out on Sleeping Conditions

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 09:40 AM PST

Wabby here - sharing a bit of news on sleeping conditions in the new place. Seriously, there's a huge bed upstairs and I claimed it the day we moved in. So, why do Mom and Tom think they can just hop in there and take up all the room?PandoraNapping-small

I guess they can't help it. They can't curl up in a ball like I do. And, I've taken care of everything - I situate myself right at the bottom of their feet. A hint of a foot coming my way gets the proper scowl and they are smart to remove it! Instead, they rightly contort themselves into strange positions to avoid disturbing me, and then they whine in the morning when their back or neck hurts.

Oh well! Just so they remember who's in charge here!


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