Friday, October 30, 2009


National Dog Show & Rufus the Colored Bull Terrier

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 11:41 AM PDT

BarkingNews So, who watches The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day? Come on, fess up. You know you do. Okay, maybe some of you don't. Maybe some of you are stuck watching grown men throw a fat, brown ball around a messy field, and pretend that jumping all over each other isn't being overly aggressive, because it's all part of the game. Nationa-Dog-Show-Purina

The rest of you should consider watching The National Dog Show, presented by our sponsor, Purina, of course. You know I'll be watching. (Tom will probably play remote control tag with me, but he'll be watching, too!) Here's some interesting news about the show: Rufus, the colored Bull Terrier, is appearing at the Ronald McDonald House of New York, on Tuesday, November 3rd... working as a therapy dog.

Oh yeah, that's next Tuesday. So, if you're in NY, you can be there to see Rufus! Rufus is the "National Dog Show Canine Ambassador for Kids" - which is why he's appearing at the Ronald McDonald House. We all know Ronald McDonald houses provide "temporary housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families" right? We have one here in Rochester. I'm pretty sure it does the same thing. This charity has been around for a long time. And, it's exciting to know Rufus is going to be part of the attention we give to the parents and kids of the Ronald McDonald House.

I love this paragraph in the press release the good folks who work on this campaign shared with me: "The greatest Colored Bull Terrier in dog show history, Rufus is a Canine Ambassador for "The National Dog Show by Purina," and the Kennel  Club of Philadelphia. He has retired from the show world to work as a therapy dog, interacting with kids and adults alike at schools, hospitals, nursing homes and animalRufus-the-Colored-Bull-Terrier rescue leagues. Rufus does therapy work for Angel on a Leash and is certified with Therapy Dog International."

Oh, yeah, they also note that Guideposts Magazine will be covering the event for an article they're doing on Rufus. The Guideposts Magazine has a great Animal Angels page. I recommend a visit, if you're looking for great inspiration.

We'll talk more about The National Dog Show, as it gets closer. I love The National Dog Show. I wish I could be there. a last announcement - did you see our new Facebook Fan Page? There's a badge on the homepage of this blog, and you can just click it and get right over to the actual page and become a fan! Oh please do - we have LOTS of exciting things planned for that page (think contests and sweepstakes and videos and stories and just a whole bushel barrel o'stuff!)



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