Thursday, October 29, 2009


Petcentric Says Happy Howl-o-ween

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 06:10 AM PDT

Love this Facebook page celebration Purina's Petcentric site: Happy Howl-o-ween. Notice that the "o" isPetcentric-Happy-Howl-o-ween actually a pumpkin. And the dog and cat dressed up as a pirate and a diva
(I think) are adorable!

I'm sharing this because I suspect a whole bunch of you are going to dress your cat and dog up this Halloween and I'd love to know why. Why? Why?

Ok, I get it that Halloween is fun. Party-time. Sweet-tooth indulgence (as long as we're not sharing with the pets - remember, chocolate and dogs do not mix!), and crazy costumes. But, do you really think your dog and cat LIKE being dressed in those clothes? I mean, these are pets. They aren't dolls or toys or kids. They like their fur, I think...and, I have to wonder if they really like those human adornments?

I'm open to being proved wrong. Send me some stories or pics with happy, smiling dogs and cats all decked out for Halloween. And, on another note, I'd love to know if YOU make the costumes or buy them? If you buy them, do the costume stores stock pet costumes?

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me. Well, as a kid I think I liked it just fine. But, I got over that pretty quickly. Too much candy, too much noise, too cold to run around in those costumes. And today, we need jackets or coats. The weather here in Upstate NY does not cooperate. It's often very cold, rainy or snowy. How much fun is that?

Happy_Thanksgiving_from the pets I do know that many communities are holding Halloween block parties, or they take their kids to the mall, because the local mall hosts a party, complete with lots of that gooey stuff kids love, and contest for best costume, etc. Somehow, I don't think they invite our pets - but I think they should. Don't you? I'd understand dressing them up for a party at the mall. This picture is from a Thanksgiving celebration but...the costumes are good, aren't they? The dog looks happy enough, and the cat...hey, wait, I think it's a fake cat. Maybe not...well, maybe so. Hmmm....

At any rate, if you're doing this for the first time, here's an article on how to get your dog to "enjoy the costume"... Just make sure the dog or cat doesn't and can't actually eat any part of the costume. Let's not include an emergency visit to the vet this Halloween! Safety first!


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