Monday, October 26, 2009


Barking News: Doing CPR on your pets

Posted: 26 Oct 2009 08:05 AM PDT

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I landed on PawPrint Post over at USA Today, about an AP poll on how far we pet parents will go for our dogs, and it intrigued me so I thought I'd share. The big question is: would you do CPR on your dog?

According to the poll (conducted by the Associated Press and, "63% of dogs owners and 53% of cat owners would be at least somewhat likely to perform CPR on their pet." That's really pretty good, if you think about it. And, the poll also revealed that more women than men would do CPR. Ha! I always say women are more attached to our pets.

More than that, the article proves that we, as pet owners, are not prepared for emergencies. We have no fire disaster plan, and 62% of dog owners as well as 33% of cat owners, do not restrain our pets in the car! That's astonishing to me. Ruff_rider_white_dog

I sort of understand the dogs - not many people know there are doggie seatbelts, but for cats? I would never take my Wabby in the car without her carrier! Not only does it help protect her, it keeps her calm (well, more calm than being thrown about the back seat!). I suppose some people's cats like roaming around the car, but that's just an invitation to disaster! Imagine what can and will happen if you have to hit the brakes suddenly!

Further down the report, they link to the Hambone Award winners, which had me laughing out loud, despite the fact that the stories of pets "with the wakiest accident" also had me cringing! Ouch!

I was taken by the story and the report because as much as we all profess undying love for our pets, and as much as reports show how much we are willing to spend on pet food or pet accessories or pet care, in the end we are failing our pets by not protecting them. We need to be aware of the dangers out in the big, bad world, and we need to have a disaster plan. Much as we do for ourselves and our human family members.

So, what do you have in place for... a fire? A car accident? A dog or cat fight?


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