The Days of Johann - an agility dog!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Days of Johann - an agility dog!

Some weekend fun!

Posted: 28 Sep 2009 02:50 PM PDT

Mum surprised us yesterday, we got to go for a five mile walk. Don't think we've told ya, but we've been trying to get in 3-4 miles five days a week to keep me (oh yeah, and Mum and Gracie) in shape. Mum remembers after my muscle pulls when I could hardly walk two miles.

Times they have changed, I'm tellin' ya! Gracie, Mum and I have become walking machines!!

Every day we walk past the little pond (one of three in our neighborhood) that's closest to our house and check out the geese/ducks, and anything else that's hanging around. Oh, there's the blue heron we see a lot! I think we should name him/her, ideas?

Then we always make our way toward the big pond and see what's hanging out there. We like that they leave some cattails in the pond, more natural that way (even though the pond is chocked full of chemicals, sigh...).

Near the big pond is this old grain silo. Nice that they left it when they created this development. Some neighbors thinks it's an eye sore. But I like it, and there are lots of critters that like to hang out there. Good smellin'!

As we walk through the neighborhood, Gracie always has to check out the grasses that cover the utility boxes, just because she found something in there once, she thinks there's always gonna be something in there, silly girl :)

Sometimes at dusk in the summer we see all the hot air balloons out on their evening flights. They make me bark, a LOT!!! Occasionally they will take off right across the street from our house in the big field where I took off for a bird off leash that one day.

Well, yesterday since our walk was about two miles longer, we headed into other areas near were we live. The neighborhood across the street is a big one like ours, with just more expensive houses. We like to go there 'cause there are less kids, BOL!! And they have a lot more treed areas, also known as wildlife magnets :)

Interestingly, we went down a street we hadn't yet, and saw this...looks like some pup got caught when the cement was wet, how cool is that! Mum wishes she had my pawprints in our sidewalk now.

We kept walking and walking, and Gracie and I were pulling and pulling. Finally we got to our favorite place in this new neighborhood. It's a woodland area they preserved and put in a mulched walking path. It's not long, but it sure is fun and smelly. Oh and muddy. (Mum was kinda wishing we had ceramic tile all over the house when we got back, easier than carpet to clean, BOL!!)

Off we went, heading down the path, pulling Mum like she was a musher.

Found these neat woodland flowers, have no idea what their name is. But they are blooming at a very odd time of year here in Indiana. We liked their spunk.

We kept heading down the path, stopping at anything interesting of course!

The path ended and had a nice couple of benches to take a load off. So, of course, Mum had to try and get us to pose, we kind of obliged. :)

Have to say all three of us felt like we could have walked for ever. We were gone for almost two hours. Can we do it again today Mum? Palleeaasseee??????

Hope you had a great weekend too!

I've been tagged!!!

Posted: 28 Sep 2009 01:30 PM PDT

No, not that kinda tagged, it's a dog tag! I'm looking uber handsome in my cool new dog tag, don't ya think, BOL!!! (Click to bigify)

A couple of weeks ago we got an email from the nice folks at They said they wanted me to try out one of their cool tags. So we went to their site and ordered one. I chose the Earth tag, since I'm a green dog, ya know :)

It was super easy to order, and they have so many cool designs, it was difficult to decide. The unique thing about this company is that Dog Tag Art provides really unique, indestructible pet tags printed with crowdsourced artwork. All the artwork on the tags are provided by talented artists who make a little money on the side if their tag sells. Pretty cool huh?

And they say the tags are made of indestructible aluminum, so they're guaranteed for life! We even had it personalized (on the back) with my name, contact phone, vet emergency number and my microchip number - just in case. And they have a contest a couple of times a year. Send in your photo with your tag and you could win some prizes.

Have to tell ya, I like 'em! And I could have one for every single one of my moods :)


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